When should potash be used as a fertilizer?


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The general rule is to apply a well-balanced fertilizer containing potash, also called potassium, in spring-time when preparing the garden beds for planting. The fertilizer is turned thoroughly into the soil to avoid burning seedlings and plant roots. Natural sources of potassium include fireplace ashes and compost containing banana peels.

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Signs of potassium deficiency in garden soil is evidenced by plants that look as if their leaf edges are scorched or in leaves that turn yellow while the veins remain green. Natural or commercially produced potassium fertilizer promotes healthy root growth in these plants, helping them survive drought situations as well as near-freezing temperatures. Potassium opens and closes the plants' stomata, pores that allow for gas exchange necessary to photosynthesis. The result is faster growing plants with better flowers, and vegetables with increased flavor and color.

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