When Should You Plant Lavender?


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The best time to plant lavender is in October. Calm weather and temperatures of the fall season enable lavender to thrive, ensuring a successful bloom in the spring.

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When Should You Plant Lavender?
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Lavender grows well in agricultural zones 5 through 9, with maximum winter low temperatures of minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Lavender thrives in a full sun environment with eight hours daily exposure and well-drained soil. Plants require an alkaline soil with a pH of 7 to 10. Adding lime to the soil at planting, and yearly afterward, maintains correct soil alkaline levels. Maintaining proper soil drainage is key to growing a healthy lavender plant. Improperly drained soil causes the roots of lavender plants to rot, eventually killing the plant. Clay soil does not drain water properly, and lavender plants do not grow in this type of environment.

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