When Should You Plant Fruit Trees?


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The ideal time to plant fruit trees is either fall or early spring, depending on the severity of winter and summer temperatures in a particular geographic region. Wait until early spring if winters are harsh, but otherwise, plant in the fall.

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Always plant fruit trees the day they are bough. Young trees need to develop a root structure quickly. Those planted in the fall aren't likely to survive rough winters due to moisture freezing the soil. Warmer climates, where water in the soil doesn't freeze for long periods in the winter, allow trees to establish a strong root system before spring.

When fall planting isn't an option, plant fruit trees as close to the beginning of spring as possible - just after the soil thaws. Waiting too long reduces the tree's survival chances due to high summer temperatures. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers a regional chart that identifies hardiness zones, which should help in deciding when to plant.

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