Where Should You Plant a Fig Tree?


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A fig tree should be planted in bright but not direct sunlight. It thrives in soil that's rich and full of humus but also well-drained. It needs a fair amount of water and should be misted if it's brought indoors.

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A fig tree shouldn't be exposed to temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, it should ideally be planted permanently outdoors only in tropical or semi-tropical climates. In cool climates, a fig needs to be brought into the house or a greenhouse.

If a fig tree will be brought indoors for the winter, it should be planted in a large pot filled with high-quality potting soil. Put the tree near, but not in front of, a sunny window, and water the plant often. Repot it every other year because, when healthy, a fig tree grows quickly and can become unwieldy.

There are well over 800 species of fig. They can grow as trees, houseplants, vines, shrubs or even ephiphytes. These types of plants grow on other trees, and their bare roots collect nutrients from rainwater or dew. Some types of figs grow so large and so aggressively that they sometimes kill the trees that support them. These are called strangler figs.

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