How Should You Plant and Care for a Trumpet Vine?


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Plant trumpet vine seeds 1/4" deep directly in garden soil or into a deep, soil-filled container. Trumpet vines prefer full sun, but can also thrive in partial shade.

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Trumpet vines do best when planted in well-drained soil, but they are resilient and can adapt to many soil types. When choosing a suitable location for planting, make sure you have a sturdy support structure. Plant the vine a considerable distance from the house, as the creeping vine has been known to damage shingles or even the foundation of houses. A trellis or fence works well for supporting trumpet vines, but do not allow the vine to grow around a tree because it causes strangulation. It's also a good idea to mix nutrient-rich compost into the soil before planting, in order to provide the vine with adequate food.

Trumpet vines require little tending after they are established. The main care that trumpet vines need are pruning. Pruning can take place in the spring or the fall. Another good idea is to behead the trumpet vine flower pods as they grow. This assists in keeping the vine from propagating in unwanted areas. Keep the area weeded while the vine is young and also make sure the soil stays moist.

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