When Should You Plant Broccoli?

It is recommended to plant broccoli in the early spring, particularly if it is the plant's first year in the garden. Broccoli seeds planted in early spring can go to seed the first year, if planted correctly. Otherwise, they seed in the following year.

The ideal temperature for growing broccoli is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. While this means early spring for most climate zones, a gardener should check local temperatures before attempting to plant broccoli. The plant is very sensitive to temperature. While it needs ample sunshine to grow, temperatures that are too hot or too cold cause the plant to die. Suggested varieties of broccoli include Blue Wind and De Cicco, according to About.com.

Harvest time of broccoli depends on the variety of broccoli planted, though, it is typically 48 days from planting. When harvesting broccoli, the gardener should harvest before the broccoli gains a large head. When the broccoli head is the size of a small fist, it is ready for harvest. Broccoli should be cut approximately 4 inches from head to stalk.

The broccoli may grow to be more lush if seedlings are started in an indoor environment, so that the first frost is avoided. Frost can cause the broccoli to be stunted.