What Should I Do If the Paint Is Peeling From the Bathroom Ceiling?

What Should I Do If the Paint Is Peeling From the Bathroom Ceiling?

To fix bathroom ceiling paint that is peeling, it will first need to be sanded or scraped. The first step in the refinishing process is recreating a smooth surface.

Step 1:

To begin, a drop cloth should be placed on the floor to catch paint chips and protect bathroom surfaces. If ceiling lights are in place, they should be removed. Use a paint scraper to go back and forth over the ceiling to remove as much paint as possible.

Step 2

Next, a hand sander or a disc sander with 60, 80 or 120-grit sanding discs should be used to sand the entire surface, paying extra attention to major areas where the paint has chipped. It's important to start with a coarse abrasive and finish with a fine one, making sure the ceiling is as smooth as possible.

Step 3

After sanding, the large gouges or problems areas should be filled with spackling or plaster compound. After filling the holes, the area will need to be sanded again to recreate a smooth surface. When the sanding is finished, the ceiling should be wiped with a damp sponge to remove dust and excess debris.

Step 4

Once the prep work is done, homeowners can begin the repainting process. Using a primer before painting can save time as less coats of paint will be required. After letting the primer dry completely, the ceiling will be ready to be repainted.