How Should You Organize a Linen Closet?

How Should You Organize a Linen Closet?

How Should You Organize a Linen Closet?

A neat, well-ordered linen closet is an asset to any household. Expertly organize your linen closet in 2 to 4 hours with cleaning supplies; contact paper or paint and a paintbrush; a utility hook; a screwdriver; and a labeler.

  1. Prepare the closet

    Start by cleaning your closet, then cover the shelves with contact paper or paint to avoid splinters and prevent stains. Mount a utility hook on the inside door to hang sachets or chalk bundles, or use cedar to keep insects away.

  2. Design the layout

    Plan for 10 inches of shelf space for sheets, 16 inches for towels and 18 inches for comforters. Use the top shelf for your least-used items. Place items used daily in a central location for easy access. Assign the spaces and adjust the shelving. Purchase additional storage bins and shelving as needed to suit your needs and optimize the space.

  3. Organize the shelves

    Store sheet sets together in a pillowcase, or by type and size, and label the shelf. Stack your towels by type, and fold them in thirds. If the stacks are too high, purchase and install brackets. Keep napkin sets together using cellophane or an individual container. Fold your table linens, or hang them on a sturdy clothes hanger.