How Should You Organize Your Kitchen?

should-organize-kitchen Credit: Andersen Ross/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To properly organize a kitchen, aprons, dish towels and potholders should be hung on pegs at least 2 feet from the stove, cookware should be organized by frequency of use, and cooking items should be organized by purpose. Simple kitchen organization tools and equipment, such as racks, cabinet organizers and containers, can make the task easier.

Aprons, dish towels and potholders should be hung on pegs close to the stove so that they are within easy and quick reach for retrieval and for storing. Cookware and equipment that are used often should be placed on lower shelves and in the front of drawers. A lazy Susan is an ideal spot for frequently used pieces.

When organizing cooking and kitchen equipment and items, they can be arranged according to which are used for baking, frying, mixing, slow cooking, grilling and the like. Once they're organized, they can be placed in specific cabinets so they are easier to find.

Another organizing idea is to create a "cooking zone" centered around the stove. This zone includes pots, pans and skillets positioned as close to the range as possible. Smaller cookware should be stored inside of larger cookware with the pieces that are used most often positioned in the front of drawers.