What Should One Look for When Buying Replacement Fridge Shelves?


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The replacement fridge shelves should match the dimensions of the fridge and slide easily into the side grooves. The maximum size and material of utensils that the shelf holds are two other functional factors to consider before buying replacement fridge shelves.

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The replacement fridge shelf must have the same length and width as the fridge’s interior for a perfect fit. Some shelves come equipped with rollers and a catch that hangs to the side grooves for a better fit. The size and weight of the utensils are an important factor to consider when buying fridge shelves. If the utensils are small, the shelf can be made of a lightweight material. On the contrary, if the utensils are heavy and contain a lot of food, the shelf can bend unless the material is strong enough to support the weight.

Toughened glass shelves are strong and spill-safe, but they are prone to cracks. Acrylic fridge shelves are sturdier, lightweight, absorb less moisture and are mostly crack-free. Powder-coated wire fridge shelves are corrosion and moisture-free. Collapsible shelves ensure users can reposition the shelves to accommodate any utensil, where it is tall or long. Other emergency alternatives to branded fridge shelves include using perfectly-sized, dishwasher-safe oven shelves or wooden shelves coated with a robust, temperature-resistant sealant.

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