What Should One Consider When Developing a Small Kitchenette Design?

Efficient use of space, lighting and storage are important concerns when designing a kitchenette. If building the kitchen from scratch, designers suggest that making it a galley or walk-through space can minimize the amount of unusable space. They also advise building a bar along a wall or window if a table does not fit that is used for both for eating and as a counter top.

To make a small kitchen seem bigger, designers advise installing mirrors or other reflective surfaces wherever possible. They also suggest installing lighting under cabinets to brighten the space without taking up room.

To increase storage, designers suggest putting lazy Susans in cabinets to make difficult spots more accessible. They also advise installing shelving in any space above counters that is too small or oddly shaped to accommodate a cabinet. Storing bulky pots and pans in racks hung from the ceiling can also open up storage space in cabinets. If the kitchenette is large enough to fit even a small island, designers suggest installing one with shelves or drawers to provide both more counter space and room for storage. Designers also suggest taking off upper cabinet doors or installing open shelving instead of cabinets to make the space seem more open and airy.