How Should Mimosa Trees Be Started?

Mimosa trees can be started from seeds, which begins with the collection of the dark brown seed pods in the late fall. Mimosa trees require quite a bit of attention throughout the growth process to ensure that they remain properly contained as they are considered an invasive species.

When the mimosa tree pods are a dark brown color during the fall, they should be collected and pried open to gently remove the seeds within. The seeds should be placed in brown paper bags and not plastic as plastic causes the seeds to “sweat” and release moisture, which in turn invites rot and decay. Once the seeds are in the bag, simply tie off the top and store the bag in a cool and dry environment. Take care to keep the bag out of the sun, as sunlight can cause heat to build up in bags, which encourages the growth of mold and mildew.

In the spring, the seeds must be scarified, which involves scratching them with a metal file along the sides until a pale spot appears on the hull. This simulates the activity that would occur in nature when rodents nibble on the seeds.

The seeds need to be soaked in water for 24 to 48 hours. Planting into containers can take place after the soaking. The plant containers should then be watered and put in a warm location, but not in direct sunlight. Once the seedlings are 12 inches high they can be planted out in the yard.