How Should You Measure Your Kitchen for Countertop Replacements?


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Make a drawing of the kitchen’s countertop placement, and divide the countertops into rectangular sections. Measure the length and depth of each section, multiply them, and then divide each result by 144 to get the square footage. Add these numbers to get the square footage of the whole countertop.

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Record where the countertops have breaks such as sinks and stovetops in the drawing, and record their measurements as well. Mark where counters have peninsulas and islands, and measure these as separate rectangles. To calculate the areas of irregularly shaped sections, measure from the longest point lengthwise to the longest point depthwise. Also mark and measure where the counter has backsplashes so you can estimate the materials needed for walls behind the counters.

Always round up when taking measurements to ensure enough material to cover the counters. Add an inch and a half to the measurement of any side of the counter that does not border a wall or appliance in order to account for overhang.

To use the square footage to determine the cost of material needed to replace the countertops, multiply the total square footage by the retail square foot price. Only order materials once you are certain that you have measured correctly.

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