How Should You Maintain a Gas Furnace?

How Should You Maintain a Gas Furnace?

Maintain a gas furnace properly by checking and cleaning the furnace's filters, vents, blower, thermostat, ducts and fan regularly. Replacing these parts as needed is also a part of proper gas furnace maintenance.

It is recommended that furnace owners replace or clean filters continuously, depending on use. Filters trap dust, dirt and other debris and should be replaced when they are completely clogged. Check the thermostat to ensure it is in proper condition, and replace it when needed. Dust, dirt, and debris can penetrate the air filter and affect the blower apparatus, and that buildup should be removed after changing the filter.

Furnace ducts are prone to damage, especially when using a forced-air furnace. In such cases, the owner is required to clean ducts frequently using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Once finished, ducts should be covered to prevent air from leaking into the furnace.

Gas furnaces are hooked into a venting system. This ventilation can be blocked due to large amounts of dust and debris. If this happens, clean all the vents using a large brush after removing the vent cover, and clear out the inside using the vacuum cleaner.

Fan inspection should be performed regularly by a trained professional. This reveals whether there is dust or other obstacles interfering with fan operation.