How Should You Maintain a Frost-Free Freezer to Avoid Problems?


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The location of the freezer, the volume of food stored in it and the thermostat levels are a few factors to consider, in order to maintain a frost-free freezer. Other significant factors include the freezer gasket seals and the frequency of use.

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In order to prevent frost from building up inside a freezer, never place it near very warm areas and very close to walls. The surrounding heat causes the freezer to overwork, build up ice and produce more frost. The freezer’s thermostat must be maintained at an optimal temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Food and containers stacked in the freezer should be free of any moisture. Wipe the surfaces with paper napkins or kitchen cloths before placing them in the freezer.

Overloading the freezer with more items, or using very little freezer space with only a few items, can cause ice to form. The volume of food inside the freezer must be neither too much or near empty. The freezer gasket seals must be taut and free of any wear and tear. Any tear or accumulation of moisture in the gasket leaks air into the freezer compartment and overloads its function. Periodically cleaning or replacing the gasket seal is also a good idea.

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