How Should You Maintain the Compressor on Your Trane Heat Pump?


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To maintain the compressor on a Trane heat pump, regularly clean and inspect the coils, change the air filter twice yearly, and lubricate and adjust the compressor motor annually. Cleaning coils, fins and fan blades regularly keeps air moving properly through the compressor for a longer life.

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Outdoor heat pumps require frequent inspections to remove leaves, dirt and other debris from the compressor coils, cabinet and base pan. It is important to cut back foliage in the area to help keep the unit clean, and the drain openings need to be carefully checked for obstructions. Owners should also inspect inlet and outlet tubing on either side of the compressor for damage and replace any tubing that shows signs of wear. The fan should be turned off periodically, cleaned and lubricated. A clean unit keeps the compressor functioning properly.

Indoor heat pumps require less frequent inspections. Twice annually, owners should check all areas of the unit for lint and remove any dust build-up to keep the unit functioning at optimum levels. Ducts and dust registers should be vacuumed regularly to keep air flowing smoothly through the system. A service professional should periodically check the operation of the heat pump and inspect the electrical connections, measure the air flow through the system and calibrate thermostat operation to ensure everything works properly.

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