What Should You Look for When Shopping for Electric Stoves for an Apartment?


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Apartments typically have limited size available for stoves, so finding which size to look for is essential. Electrical usage should be considered as well. Stoves with smaller cooktops might save on electricity bills.

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Many smaller stoves have their controls on the front of the unit. Since apartment kitchens typically have limited space available, it can be easy to brush against the stove and turn it on by accident. Some stoves have a switch that disables the stove when activated. This feature can prevent accidentally starting the stove or oven and even prevent burns.

It is also important to choose between coil-based stoves and induction stoves. Induction stoves use electromagnetic radiation to heat the pot or pan directly, which avoids wasted energy. However, they cost significantly more to buy, and seasoned cooks might take some time getting used to them. Their energy savings are fairly small compared to other household items, and it can take a long time to recover the additional cost of an induction model.

Almost all apartments are designed to use an integrated stove and oven unit, so it is important to determine if the size of the oven is sufficient before making a purchase. Purchasing a unit without storage on the bottom can lead to more space, potentially allowing users to cook more food at once.

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