What Should You Look for When Selecting a Septic Pumping Company?


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Inquire about licensing and insurance coverage of septic pumping companies to ensure the business has liability insurance and is certified to complete the work. Septic pumping companies should also be able to provide an estimate of costs, labor and materials prior to beginning the work.

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Research how long the company has been in business and ask for references of satisfied clients to verify professionalism and quality work. Inquire about how often the company cleans its tanks to determine if the business follows health and sanitation policies and procedures.

Seek a septic pumping company that is registered with the state's environmental quality and water system and holds the credentials to haul wastewater legally. Inquire about the method of pumping and cleaning. Some septic pumping companies locate the tank with a metal detector and simply pump away septic waste, while others inspect the tank lid for cracks, leaks, roots and baffles that can impede the functioning of the septic tank.

Finally, seek out a company that has efficient equipment to complete the job. Such equipment includes hoses long enough to reach the tank without having to drive the vacuum truck into the yard or extra lids in case the existing lid is damaged or breaks.

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