What Should You Look for When Renting a Tree Stump Remover?


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When renting a tree stump remover, or stump grinder, look at the cutting capacity above and below ground, the power source and the cutter wheel. Of these, the cutter capacity is the most important as it relates to the size of the stump, notes TreeRemoval.com.

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When removing the stump from a very large tree, chances are the stump removal tools many stores offer as rentals will not be powerful enough. Rentals generally work best on old, rotten stumps or small stumps.

Check the price on tree stump removal tool rental and compare it to the price of hiring a tree removal service. Often, especially in the case of large stumps, hiring a professional tree removal service is only slightly more expensive than renting a machine. If the stump is large, or if the homeowner lacks experience in removing a tree stump, it might be a better idea to hire a professional.

When renting a stump remover, make sure to look at the machine's specifications to make sure it can handle the job. Check its power source and make sure it uses an accessible source of power. Check its length, width and weight to make sure it is not too large to safely handle, and make sure its cutting capacity will easily cut through the stump.

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