What Should You Look for When Reading Wood Flooring Reviews?


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When reading reviews for wood flooring, buyers should look for specifications on whether the flooring is solid or if it's engineered, the rooms and surfaces for which the flooring is recommended and any warnings from the manufacturer concerning weather or usage conditions. Consumers should confirm the reliability of the brand and learn how the flooring is manufactured.

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Solid flooring works well over wood subfloors and in areas where humidity is relatively stable. Manufacturers consider engineered hardwood more versatile and recommend it for use on concrete subfloors or over subfloors with radiant heating systems. Some engineered floors have tongue and groove design, allowing homeowners to more easily install the flooring themselves.

Buyers should also consider what rooms and conditions the review highlights. For a high traffic room such as the kitchen, a durable finish is best, whereas for a family room, color and comfort may be more important. Homeowners should also consider how much sunlight falls on the floor, whether they live in a humid climate and how pets affect usage.

Pre-finished flooring has a number of advantages over site-finished flooring. Pre-finished flooring is two to three times more durable than site-finished flooring because the coating typically contains aluminum oxide particles and is dried under UV lights. Pre-finished flooring does not need time to dry, there are no strong fumes and the room can be furnished immediately after installation.

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