What Should You Look for When Reading Reviews of Log Splitters?


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When looking at log splitter reviews, buyer should pay attention to the tonnage and diameter ratings, power source, and the way a splitter handles green versus seasoned wood. Buyers should also focus on the ease of use for each log splitter, as well as factors such as transportability, noise level and overall cutting style.

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The tonnage capacity of a log splitter is an important factor to check in both editorial and user reviews, as it directly relates to the splitter's ability to cut wood. Machines with a higher tonnage rating are able to handle larger logs and quickly split smaller logs, but they typically carry a higher price. Similarly, the diameter of the feeder chute also factors into splitting ability, as some machines are wider than others. The buyer should consider the size and weight of the logs in her woodpile to determine the most appropriate splitter capacity.

The buyer may also wish to look at power sources, such as electricity or gas, and factor in her access to the fuel type. Ease of use is also important, as buyers typically look for splitters that feature simple mechanisms for activating and loading the logs into the feeder chute. If the buyer has nearby neighbors, she may also wish to check the noisiness of the splitters to find quieter models.

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