What Should You Look for When Purchasing an Indoor Bamboo Plant?

The roots and root stems of a healthy indoor bamboo plant are creamy white or yellow and look slippery. The stems of a healthy bamboo plant look like those of other bamboos of the same species and the newest stems are larger in diameter than older culms.

Ideally, buyers should look for nurseries that sell only bamboo or carry a wide variety of bamboo plants. The staff of these nurseries are often knowledgeable about issues specific to bamboo care. Buying from a local nursery also makes it possible to examine the bamboo plant closely before purchase. Buyers can also compare the varieties of bamboo to determine which type grows best in their climate.

Individuals who purchase indoor bamboo plants online are encouraged to buy from a reputable seller with a refund policy. Comparing prices from different online retailers can save money and purchase from the merchant closest to home reduces the risk of damage to a plant during a long transit.

The color of leaves of a bamboo leaves is important for visualizing how well a plant will match a home's interior, but brown or browning leaves don't necessarily indicate an unhealthy plant. Bamboo leaves often brown because of temperature changes, especially during summer or winter.