What Should You Look for When Looking for a Used Rototiller?

Factors to consider when purchasing a used rototiller include the condition of the engine and signs of neglect. Buying a used rototiller that is in good condition is an excellent way to save money on garden equipment.

Start the rototiller engine to ensure that it starts easily. An engine that is difficult to start usually indicates a major problem with the equipment that clould be expensive to fix or maintain in the long-term.

Inspect the spark plugs to see if they are covered in oil, which is a sign of impending problems or complete failure. Spark plugs that are covered in carbon deposit are usually not a concern. They simply indicate the equipment needs a tune-up.

Inspect the oil in the crankcase to get a general sense of the condition of the rototiller. An almost empty crankcase or dirty oil usually indicates that the equipment is poorly maintained, which could lead to future repair costs.

Check the equipment for signs of neglect such as oil-stained or rusty throttle linkage, clogged cooling fins or dirty air cleaner. Look for low transmission oil or oil leaks, bent or worn tines and listen for unusual grinding noises. These are all signs of impending problems even if the equipment is running reasonably well. Finding a rototiller that is in good condition takes patience and due diligence.