What Should You Look for When Hiring a Backyard Cleanup Service?

What Should You Look for When Hiring a Backyard Cleanup Service?

When hiring a yard cleanup service, shop around and seek written quotes from different landscaping services. Check the credentials of each company by researching backgrounds and checking references.

The cost of yard cleanup services varies greatly and depends on the type of cleanup needed and the size of the yard. Some companies also perform other services, such as winterizing plants, clearing debris and removing weeds.

The cost of yard cleanup services also depends on the time of year the cleanup is required. During the fall, dead leaves must be removed and plants must be winterized. Some yard cleanup services spread fertilizer, add mulch or prune shrubs and plants before the cold weather arrives. These and other services generally cost extra.

During the spring, yard services may remove debris that has accumulated during the winter along with any yard insulation used during the fall. A yard service may also prune trees and shrubs to prepare them for the growing season.

When shopping for a yard service, be sure to only pay for the services the yard needs and nothing extra. Get a quote in writing for the required services to unsure there are no hidden costs and that the company performs only the services the yard needs.

Most large companies are rated by the Better Business Bureau, which is a good place to check out customer reviews and opinions on a particular business.