What Should You Look for in a Good Heavy-Duty Steel Cart?


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Look for solid construction when searching for a heavy duty steel cart. Metal should be sturdy and not able to bend easily. Tires with good tread on them are essential for traction and performance under the toughest working conditions.

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Heavy duty steel carts should have weight capacity listings so the buyer knows if the cart can support the necessary loads. Some carts may have ratings of 1,000 pounds, while heavier duty models may be able to haul up to 2,000 pounds. A cart with two axles can carry a larger load than a one-axle cart, but the former typically costs more. Two-axle carts also offer more stability when hauling loads. Exceeding weight limits regularly can reduce the lifespan of the cart, so it is important to get one that is rugged enough for one's needs.

Good customer reviews and feedback are other indicators that should not be overlooked when searching for a good steel cart. Brackets or other places to secure tie-downs and bungee cords are important to some customers. If a buyer plans on using a steel cart at speeds above 30 miles per hour, it is important to make sure that the cart is rated for high speeds.

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