What should you look for in a gas range?


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The different tiers of gas ranges vary by the heat output, oven features, style options and controls. As of 2015, gas ranges start at $399 for standard models and go to more than $3,000 for premium or professional ranges with special features.

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Heat output, which is measured in British thermal units or BTU, varies from 5,000 BTU for standard models to 20,000 for professional ones. The additional heat is helpful for experienced cooks who want to cook quickly on the stove top.

The available color and style options increase along with the price. At the lower end, black and white are the only color options. Stainless steel is an option for mid-priced ranges that start around $650. At the professional level, ranges are offered in a variety of colors and metal finishes.

Oven features also improve with each tier. A low-end oven typically has a smaller window. A mid-priced version has the added benefit of being self-cleaning, and premium and professional ranges have one or two convection ovens.

The control options improve and increase with the price. Basic ovens have simple dials and knobs to regulate the temperature and heat output. Mid-range models include knob locks or digital controls for the temperature and time. Premium gas ranges often have an electronic panel to program and save cooking settings.

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