What should you look for in a gas plumber?


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A resident should check for the gas plumber's license, experience and estimated cost of service and labor. It may be helpful to ask for two or more references and read reviews about the gas plumber or the plumbing company to get more information.

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What should you look for in a gas plumber?
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A licensed gas plumber is one who has passed a city or state-approved test for plumbers and has shown competence and knowledge on different aspects of the trade. A license also shows that a plumber is knowledgeable and ready to comply with the current plumbing laws and safety measures. Licensed plumbers usually carry insurance, which may offer protection to both the resident and the plumber himself.

Most states require plumbers to submit a work experience affidavit as a licensing requirement to verify their work hours as an apprentice. Yellow Pages often include a plumber or a plumbing company's years of professional experience in its business directory.

While professional plumbers may give a fixed labor cost, they may only give an estimate of the total cost after checking the work first hand. Homeowners should ask for the breakdown of the cost and compare it with other professionals' quotes to get an idea of how much an actual plumbing service costs.

Check a gas plumber's website and social networking sites, if applicable, to read customer feedback. Most reputable plumbers would not hesitate to give you potential customers or more references. If the plumber is registered on Yellowpages.com, homeowners should check the site for customer reviews and ratings for additional background information.

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