What Should You Look for in Garage Sinks?


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When shopping for a garage or utility sink, buyers should focus on models with the appropriate capacity and construction to meet the intended use, as well as the available water and drainage sources. The buyer may also wish to look for sinks with additional features such as storage under the basin or a side table attachment.

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The available space in the garage is an important factor that influences the purchase of a utility sink because it determines the size and style options from which the buyer may choose. If the garage has a standard sink hookup that includes hot and cold water and a floor or wall drain, but no countertop, then the buyer needs to focus on freestanding or wall-mounted sinks. If the garage has the hookups and counter space, she may focus on undermount or drop-in sinks, which sit underneath or on top of a hole in the counter, respectively. If there are no hookups in the garage, the buyer may wish to look at portable sinks.

The capacity is also important as it determines how much can fit within the sink basin. As high-capacity sinks are typically larger, the buyer also needs to consider the open space in the garage to ensure it fits. If the buyer wants to save money, she may focus on acrylic or stainless steel options, whereas a buyer looking for a strong and sturdy sink may focus on cast iron options.

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