What Should You Look for When Buying a Used Tractor Mower?


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When shopping for a used tractor mower, find out when the mower was purchased and how often it was used. Ask the seller why he is selling the mower and, if possible, gain access to the maintenance and purchase records. Try to find a mower that has had regular maintenance performed.

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Engines on tractor mowers are built to last, so typically an engine with a lot of use is not a problem. However, the machine should have had regular maintenance performed on things such as the battery, wiring and belts. The tires should not be worn or cracked, and the blades should be in good condition. Another thing to check is the fluid levels; make sure the levels are high and that there are no leaks.

When shopping for a used tractor mower, take it for a test drive if possible. Make sure the engine idles smoothly and the brakes are effective. Stay away from mowers that smoke or stall.

Riding mowers typically last for about seven years, so opt for a mower that is younger than this. Users who do their research on the different models for sale can save up to half of what a new tractor mower costs at many retail stores.

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