What Should You Look for When Buying a Used Lawn Mower?


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Consider price, engine, maintenance history and condition when buying a used lawn mower. A good place to start when estimating the price of a used mower is to research the price of new mowers with similar features. Set your budget for a used mower at below 70 percent of its original price. This rule applies if the mower is in good working condition and is less than three years old.

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Opt for a used mower with a name brand and popular engine, such as Kawasaki, Honda, or Briggs and Stratton. This makes it easier to find parts if the mower needs repair in future.

A good maintenance history is a vital part of keeping a mower in good condition. A good service history includes cleaning the air filter and checking the oil regularly. Yearly service includes blade sharpening, installing new spark plugs, changing the oil and replacing the air filter.

Determining the condition of a used mower involves inspecting the wheels for cracks and wobbling, confirming that the handles are in the correct position, checking to see if the oil is fresh and clean, and examining the air filter. Start the mower to ensure that it works as it should.

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