What Should You Look for When Buying a Single-Phase to Three-Phrase Converter?


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When shopping for a single- to three-phase converter, decide whether you want to save money by buying a static converter or spend more for a rotary converter. Static converters can be hard on your electric equipment, while rotary converters are not.

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Static converters cost less and have no moving parts, making them best suited for devices that do not need much power to get started. Some machines draw a heavy load when started, causing them to bog down. That stress on the electric motor can damage it. Static converters also reduce the total horsepower of the motor it is running by about one-third.

A rotary converter includes what looks like an electric motor with a junction box attached. While more expensive, a rotary converter doesn't suffer the startup lags of static converters and doesn't rob horsepower from machines. If running multiple three-phase machines, rotary converters are the best choice.

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