What Should You Look for When Buying Old Waterbury Clocks?

When buying old Waterbury clocks, look for the trademark "Waterbury Clock Co.," usually printed or engraved on the clock's dial face. Also look for the company name printed on a paper label or engraved inside the brass clock movement or the back of the shelf.

The trademarks of most Waterbury mantel and wall clocks produced in the late 1800s were on paper labels that included the year of production and directions for setting the clock. Most clocks by Waterbury also have dial faces marked in Roman numerals. The clock movement has rounded corners and is often made in brass or brass-plated steel.

Another thing to notice when looking at old Waterbury clocks is the clock's design and style. Because Waterbury was a large and popular clock manufacturer in the 19th century, clock books often document Waterbury clock styles. Some styles, such as desk and mantel clocks, are usually made from walnut or oak in Victorian, Art Deco or Art Nouveau designs. Some clock books for Waterbury clocks are the two-volume "Waterbury Clocks & Watches" and "Kroeber Clocks – American and Imported," both written by Tran Duy Ly. The books include photos of each Waterbury clock style and design and identification guides.