What Should You Look for When Buying Old Vintage Refrigerators?


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When buying old vintage refrigerators, it is important to determine if the item is actually an old refrigerator that has been refurbished. Some models that appear vintage are reproductions that are made to replicate the look of vintage appliances.

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The cost of a vintage-looking refrigerator and one that has been refurbished are about the same. The main thing to consider is how energy-efficient the appliance is. Older models are generally less energy efficient and can cost more to operate although keeping them in use prevents them from sitting in a landfill. Look for a refurbished version that has been brought up to modern energy efficiency standards or else end up paying extra for annual usage.

Vintage units do not usually have the same conveniences as modern appliances. Ice makers, automatic defrost, adequate lighting and water spouts are not usually included in vintage models. Some refurbished models may be outfitted with a select amount of modern conveniences, but the chances are slim. When looking for the best vintage fridge the main attraction is typically the character and appearance that come along with retro appliances. The unit should already add to the kitchen decor as the model must fit as is. Refrigerators are not easily repainted and should already match the style of the room.

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