What Should You Look for When Buying a Commercial Overhead Door?

What Should You Look for When Buying a Commercial Overhead Door?

When looking to purchase a commercial overhead door, several features should be considered such as the door's type, safety features, design and cost. Commercial doors are available in thousands of combinations, including sectional doors, coiling steel doors, industrial doors and full-view doors, to meet the needs of any commercial application.

Most garage door manufacturers, such as Clopay, have insulated steel or aluminum garage doors for both residential and commercial uses with aesthetic, safety and insulation options.

The measurements, initial and long-term costs and maintenance issues are all important considerations when purchasing a commercial overhead door.

In order to properly measure for a commercial overhead door, measure the opening's height and width in feet and inches. The headroom, side room, garage depth and floor should also be measured to accommodate the garage door track system. Note any obstructions such as pipes, ductwork or lights and ensure the jambs and floor are in good condition and are level.

The cost of a commercial overhead door varies depending on the type, material and features it includes. Safety features such as motion detectors, alarms, reversing mechanisms and soft-edged doors all add to the cost but also to the safety of the door, according to OHSOnline.com.