How Should an LG Fridge Be Maintained?


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Key maintenance tasks for LG refrigerator owners to perform include changing the water filter and cleaning the interior of the refrigerator itself with the proper implements. Additionally, the owner should care for the freezer and ice-making components in order to reduce frost and maintain proper functioning.

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The quality of water taken from an LG refrigerator is highly dependent on the condition of the filter and the original source of the water, being from either a well or municipal source. LG suggests changing the filter every three to six months, but also suggests doing it sooner if there is a marked decline in taste or purity.

To clean the inside of an LG refrigerator, the manufacturer advises turning off the temperature control to avoid exerting the motor. All food should be taken out, and any baskets, racks or other removable components taken out to soak. First wipe out the unit with a dishcloth soaked in a combination of water and detergent, then use a vinegar solution on stubborn stains. A final mixture of a 1/4 cup baking soda to a gallon of water is wiped inside and then left to dry, to eliminate odors.

To ensure proper functioning of the ice maker, keep the refrigerator temperature at 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and the freezer temperature at 0 degrees. Alternate between cubed and crushed ice to avoid frosting, and flush out pressure-generating air bubbles by dispensing two to three gallons of water. Interior temperature of the freezer itself can easily be maintained by ensuring that food stored inside is not hot off the stove, but instead allowed to cool thoroughly.

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