How Should You Lay Out a Living Room?


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For the optimal configuration, arrange living room furniture according to the usage of the room. If you use your living room to watch television, orient furniture toward the TV. If your living room is more of a conversation area, turn the furniture pieces toward each other.

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How Should You Lay Out a Living Room?
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Furniture arrangements can make up for a lack of architectural elements, such as a foyer, or to break up a very large, open room to show the area where different activities take place. For example, a sofa with its back turned toward a dining area can indicate a division in an open concept home where the kitchen, dining and living areas share one large space. If your front door opens directly into your living room, placing a bookcase or shelving unit at a 90-degree angle to the door can create a bit of a foyer or entry area.

Think outside the box by placing furniture at an angle to alleviate the boxiness of a square room and create an inviting entrance area along with the seating area. A sectional often works well in this layout. If your living room is small, consider placing four comfy armchairs around a round coffee table. Just because it's a living room doesn't mean you need a sofa.

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