What Should You Do If Your Kenmore Washer Is Not Agitating?


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Although a washer that fails to agitate properly may require replacement, sometimes money can be saved by making simple repairs. Reattaching a displaced upper agitator from its bottom counterpart, replacing the coupling and replacing the drive belt are all possible solutions to a faulty agitator.

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When the upper agitator is no longer connected to the bottom agitator of a washing machine, the directional cogs could require replacement. New cogs should allow the top and bottom agitators to function together properly once again.

When the agitator turns while emitting a grinding noise, a new drive coupling is often the solution. The top agitator should be removed before the old coupling is retrieved. The transmission shaft should be cleaned thoroughly before a new coupling is installed. All new hardware should be used during installation to prevent further build-up and damage.

If the agitator fails to spin in a machine that fills and drains properly, the drive belt likely needs replacement. A burning odor usually accompanies a burned-out belt. Unplug the washing machine, and remove the old belt from the bottom of the appliance. Clean the belt area well, and ensure the transmission shaft continues to work properly before installing a new drive belt.

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