What Should I Keep in Mind While Shopping for New Carpet?

should-keep-mind-shopping-new-carpet Credit: Michelle Gibson/E+/Getty Images

Things to consider when shopping for new carpet include price, padding and pile. The installation process and maintenance requirements for the carpet are also important aspects to keep in mind.

The price of carpet doesn't just include the carpet itself. Other materials, installation, padding and stain guards may or may not be included in the quoted price. Ask for a breakdown of the price to know exactly what each element costs. Remember that it may be worth paying more for certain features in some rooms but not in others. For example, stain guards in the family room make sense, but they do not in rooms that are seldom used, such as guest rooms.

Padding makes a difference in the look and feel of the carpet. Some carpet styles require different padding than others. Padding can add sound proofing, and it helps regulate temperature in rooms. Different rooms need different levels of padding based on the foot traffic on the carpet.

Carpets have different piles. The pile is the carpet's material and the resulting loops created. Some carpets feature cut piles, while others remain looped. Piles are different heights, and each height has a different set of advantages. Shorter piles are easier to care for, but longer piles feel better underfoot.

Good installation is crucial for the look and feel of the carpet. Properly installing carpet makes the difference between a room that looks shabby and one that looks and feels well done. Additionally, maintaining carpet by vacuuming, steam cleaning and professional cleanings are important. Some carpets require more care than others, so consider the time necessary to keep up with each kind.