Why Should You Install a Three-to-Four-Prong Dryer Adapter?


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Adapting a three-prong cord to a four-prong cord allows homeowners to use older dryers in newer homes. Three-to-four-prong wall adapters do not exist, but dryer manufacturers make it easy to swap appliance cords to meet the building code standard.

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The National Electric Code specifies that new homes must have the safer four-prong dryer outlet installed. The three-prong outlet pairs the ground wire and neutral wire together, which increases the risk of shock. The NEC allows homeowners to legally switch their dryer cords to match the outlets already installed in their homes.

The dryer's cord attaches to the back of the appliance with one screw for every electrical terminal. Homeowners only need a new four-prong cord and appropriately sized screwdrivers to switch the dryer cord.

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