What Should Be Included on a Briggs and Stratton Carburetor Drawing?


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A drawing of a Briggs and Stratton carburetor should include the parts worked with when rebuilding it. This includes the body, fuel bowl, hinge pin and float assembly. A good diagram also includes the inlet needle valve, fuel bowl gasket, idle mixture screw and its spring.

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The throttle plate, its screws, shaft and seal are also included in a carburetor rebuild diagram. The choke plate, shaft and washer are also removed. To show the internal parts, such as the emulsion tube and welch plugs on the drawing, the diagram is done in two parts. The first part shows all the external pieces, while the second shows what remains after the external pieces are removed.

A carburetor rebuild kit includes all the gaskets, washers, springs and seals needed when reassembling the carburetor. Replace damaged welch plugs, mixture screws and any pins as necessary. Before putting the carburetor back together, soak each part in a part cleaner so all the dirt and grit are removed.

Clean and rebuild the carburetor any time there is a reduction in the performance of the engine that is not fixed by adjusting the fuel and air ratio with the mixture screws. Increased performance decreases the amount of fuel needed to keep the engine running.

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