When Should You Have Your House Inspected for Mold?


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An individual should have their house inspected to determine the cause of mold growth once they see and smell the mold in their home. It's possible to hire a consultant who specializes in assessing buildings to evaluate the property, ideally indoor air quality consultants and/or mold remediation contractors. If the mold appears minor and located in a common location such as the bathroom or windowsill, it can be cleaned up by the homeowner rather than a professional.

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When Should You Have Your House Inspected for Mold?
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Mold only grows in moist environments, specifically when mold spores land on wet surfaces. This is why it accumulates in high-moisture parts of the house such as a sink or a shower curtain.

Eventually, mold can create health issues for homeowners. It can produce allergic reactions like sneezing and congestion, but effects are particularly pronounced in people who have asthma.

Mold does need to be cleaned up in the house, but the water problem that is most likely causing it also needs to be identified and addressed. Mold can usually be cleaned up by scrubbing with soap and water. The water problem provoking the mold may be as minor as a plumbing leak, which can be fixed by the homeowner. Ideally, wear gloves, a respirator and goggles while cleaning up mold.

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