How Should a Hot Water Baseboard Heater Be Installed?


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The installation of a hot water baseboard heater requires clearing obstructions from the area of installation, locating the wall studs, aligning mounting holes with wall studs and then securing the heater in place with drywall screws. Disconnect the power supply to the heater circuit before attempting this task.

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A hot water baseboard heater should be installed on a wall clear of large furniture. Once you choose a suitable location, find wall studs using a stud finder, and measure them with a pencil. Extract the face plate from the baseboard heater to allow access to the screw mounting holes, which are usually located at the heater's posterior end.

Align the mounting holes by placing the heater so the holes and wall studs lie in the same plane. Once the holes and studs are aligned, mount each foot of the heater into position with mounting screws.

Next, mark the input and output pipe positions with a pencil, and make a hole in each of these points with a 1-inch hole saw. Hold the heater in place, and secure it with 2-inch drywall screws. For proper support, drive the screws directly into the wall studs. Finally, plug in the heater and test it.

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