How Should Gardeners Care for a Dwarf Alberta Spruce?

How Should Gardeners Care for a Dwarf Alberta Spruce?

The dwarf Alberta spruce tree is a small, slow-growing tree that is susceptible to spider mites, so if they are present, administer an insecticide. Water this tree with a slow, steady water stream and keep newly-planted trees moist at all times.

New dwarf Alberta spruce trees need a hole that is two to three times larger than the pot they come home in, in a location that receives full sun, if possible. When planting a new spruce, carefully remove it from the pot and loosen the roots around the root ball.

To ensure the tree gets proper nutrition from the soil, when planting it in poor soil, add 1/3 compost to the hole. Surround the tree with two to four inches of mulch to hold in moisture and prevent weeds. Keep the mulch away from the trunk of the tree for best results.

After the tree takes root in the ground, keep an eye out for spider mites, as it does not take long for them to cause damage to the tree. Keep the soil moist until the tree matures. Established dwarf Alberta spruce trees are fairly drought-tolerant. Water new trees regularly until the first freeze.

Unlike other trees, the dwarf Alberta spruce tree requires little in the way of pruning to maintain its natural cylindrical shape. With proper care, this little tree will reach its full height of between 10 and 12 feet in 25 to 30 years.