Should a Freezer Be Kept at the Lowest Temperature Setting?

Should a Freezer Be Kept at the Lowest Temperature Setting?

A freezer does not need to be kept at the lowest temperature setting. The freezer only needs to be kept at a temperature between 0 and -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing frozen food at 0 degrees is a safe rule, and freezing food at -10 degrees Fahrenheit helps prevent ice crystals.

A freezer's ideal temperature setting varies depending on the type of freezer and efficiency of the particular freezer. Buying a freezer thermometer is the most effective way of determining the temperature settings a freezer needs to keep food between the optimum temperatures.

The more food inside a freezer, the lower its temperature. A freezer full of food grouped closely together retains its temperature longer than a sparsely-populated freezer.

Food that is already frozen is best stored at a temperature of around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps any bacteria or unwanted living things from growing while using as little electricity as possible.

When food is frozen for the first time, it should be frozen at a temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. The lower the temperature, the smaller the ice crystals that form in the freezing process. Ice crystals impact the texture and overall quality of frozen food when it is reheated.