What Should You Know About Fixing an Awning?

What Should You Know About Fixing an Awning?

When fixing an awning, the owners of recreational vehicles should know how to assess the damage, where to find repair tools and materials and the repair processes for the different types of damages. They should also know which repairs they can do themselves and which ones require professionals.

Awnings may have different issues, such as tears, frays, motor problems and electrical issues. Tears and frays are cosmetic issues that are easy to detect. If the mechanism of a retractable awning is not working properly, the problem could be electrical. If the awning is not retracting, there could be an issue with the motor.

Some of the tools RV owners need to repair their awnings include awning repair tape or an eternabond tape. They can also use the parts in a tent repair kit to repair the awning. RV owners should also purchase fabric scissors and water-resistant RV glue for patching the awning.

For tears that are less than 3 feet long, RV owners can use clear awning tape on both sides. If the tear is longer than 3 feet, it is advisable to purchase a fabric that is similar in consistency and color to the awning. The RV owner can contact the company that manufactures the RV to get the fabric. He can use a pair of fabric scissors to cut the fabric into a square or rectangle that fits the hole. He can then apply water-resistant glue onto the fabric and use it to patch the tear or the hole.

For motor issues or electrical problems such as a short or a blown fuse, it is advisable for RV owners to call a professional technician to fix the issue.