What Should You Feed a Meyer Lemon Tree?


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Meyer lemon trees require a high nitrogen fertilizer or a slow release all-purpose fertilizer. Fertilizing with a liquid fertilizer such as compost tea, liquid kelp or fish emulsion can also help the plant grow. Fertilizer should be applied carefully because overfeeding can burn the roots.

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Thought to be a cross between the orange, or mandarin orange, and lemon tree, the Meyer lemon tree is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 8b through 10. It is one of the sweetest lemon varieties. If grown in the ground, it can reach heights of up to 10 feet and have a canopy up to 12 feet wide. Indoor plants are much smaller, with size depending upon the size of the pot.

Meyer lemon trees love warmth and sunlight and must be brought indoors when the temperature drops below 50 F. The indoor plant should be placed in a bright spot with indirect sunlight until it can be brought outdoors when temperatures rise. Soil should be kept moist, and misting the leaves can keep the plant healthy.

The fruit of the Meyer lemon tree may take up to one year to ripen. It only ripens while it is on the vine and shouldn't be removed prematurely.

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