How Should You Dispose of Old Refrigerator Parts?


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To dispose of old refrigerator parts, locate a local recycling center, schedule a delivery or pickup, prepare the refrigerator, and either take it to the recycle center or outside for pickup. Depending on the parts being disposed of, a dolly, an assistant and tools may be necessary.

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The first step is to contact the county or city waste management agency that handles large trash collections. They may have specific dates when refrigerator parts can be picked up, or parts may need to be brought to the recycling center. Ask if there is a fee for pickup services.

If the whole refrigerator is being disposed of, it is necessary to dismantle it. First, remove all shelves and drawers. Then, unscrew all the bolts and remove the metal bar that attach the doors to the refrigerator.

At the appointed time, move the refrigerator either to the pickup area or to a large vehicle for delivery. If the refrigerator is being picked up, it should be laid on its back, with the doors placed beside it. Place all shelves, drawers and accessories together with the doors. Do not leave the refrigerator outside for too long, as it may pose a hazard to neighbors.

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