How Often Should You Defrost a Samsung Refrigerator?

Manual defrost Samsung refrigerators need defrosting when the freezer coils and cover become covered with ice and the appliance is unable to maintain cool temperatures in either the freezer or refrigerator compartments. Defrosting once per month is generally sufficient to prevent frost from interfering with the unit operating normally.

Samsung refrigerators with automatic defrost features usually defrost themselves every eight to 10 hours. An automatic defrost refrigerator may need a manual defrosting when the automatic defrost feature malfunctions, when the freezer and refrigerator compartments do not stay cold, or when sensors indicate other problems due to frost accumulation.

Frost accumulates in refrigerators when the moisture in the atmosphere condenses and accumulates on freezer coils. The amount of humidity in the air and the time the freezer doors is open affect how frequently the refrigerator needs defrosting.