How Should You Decorate Your Yard With Garden Angels?


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When decorating your yard with garden angels, choose a placement location that lets people see the angels from the patio or other sitting areas. Other tips include using different sizes and styles of angels, and placing them in forgotten spots of the garden.

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Add more interest by combining the garden angels with flowers and plants in the garden. Plant hollyhocks for a charming garden decor, or place lawn ornaments next to a bird bath or plants that entice hummingbirds. This makes the garden appear more natural as opposed to just having the angels placed in a yard randomly. For proper placement, choose specific parts of the yard that are bare or easily seen from all angles.

Use a variety of different sizes, styles and colors of garden angels. This creates more depth and dimension in the garden, whether they are spread out or all displayed in the same general area. Place the larger statues near the back of the yard close to trees or the fence, and place smaller angels near the patio or flower gardens.

Take good care of the garden angels. Stone angels need to be moved during the harsh days of winter, since ice can cause significant damage and even crack the statues. Iron and other metals can rust due to water exposure, so be careful with those as well.

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