What Should Be Considered When Buying a Used Dryer?


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Some of the important considerations to make when buying a used dryer include gas or electric power, price and overall condition. Used dryers have a low initial cost, and replacement parts are often easy and cheap to get.

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A used gas dryer is a preferred choice over the electric variety because of the low price of natural gas. This is, however, only a good option for people with an existing gas set-up. Gas dryers also produce more heat and dry clothes quicker. There is low demand for gas dryers, making them significantly cheaper than their electric counterparts.

Cost is also an important aspect to factor in when purchasing a used dryer. It is a good idea to contact a number of different sellers and compare prices to get the best deal. A dryer power cord can increase the cost of a dryer, so appliance owners are advised to save their old one, or buy their dryer from a seller that provides the correct power cord at no additional cost.

Finally, buyers should thoroughly inspect the condition of the dryer before making the purchase. Screeching or whiny sounds coming from the dryer when it is starting up usually indicate a faulty motor, which is both difficult and expensive to replace. The buyer should also insist on seeing the dryer working before making the purchase.

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